Forensic Science E-Portfolio Tasks

These tasks are under construction. Please follow HS PBL Tasks for your e-portfolio. (level 2 and Level 3)

Forensic Science E-Portfolio Instructions

Students in Forensic Science course will be required to create an e-Portfolio using Google Sites. Each quarter students will complete 3-4 assignments. For each of these assignments students will create a separate page within the google site.  Some of these assignments will require students to create a video. Teacher will provide discussion topics/case studies and student will select topics based on his/her interest.  This e-Portfolio will be counted as a major grade.

Getting Started with Your e-Portfolio:

  • STEP 1: Before getting started with e-Portfolio watch “Google Site Video Tutorial” and “Google Site Basic Tutorial” (see link below). Your page should be made public.

  • STEP 2: Follow instruction from “Google Site Written Tutorial” to start your e-Portfolio pages.

  • STEP 3: Some of the Forensic Science e-Portfolio projects requires video presentation, please watch “youtube site tutorial” for this part.  You are also welcome to use other video editing softwares. e.g. WindowsMovie Maker or WeVideo

****Google Site Video Tutorial Here****

***Google Sites Basic Tutorial***

**Google Sites Written Tutorial Here**

***youtube site tutorial**

Following pages/tabs should be included on student’s Forensic Science Google Site (e-Portfolio).

Tab 1. About Me

Tab 2. Field Trip pictures and reflections (Optional)

Tab 3. My Journals

Tab 4. Project 1

Tab 5. Project 2

Tab 6. Project 3

Tab 7. Project 4

Tab 8. Project 5

Tab 9. Project 6

Detailed Assignments:

About me Page

Paragraph 1: provide general information about you (who you are, your interest, hobbies). Note: Do not disclose any private information and/or your full name (use first name, and last initials).

Paragraph 2: your goals for life (plan for college, life, career, and family etc.) Note: Do not disclose any private information about your family and/or full name.

Paragraph 3: Reason for taking Forensic Science, your expectations from this class.

See grading rubric

My Journals

Each week you will write a short journal entry based on the topics covered in class. Occasionally, your teacher may provide you with a journal prompt for your page. Your journal entry should include the date and topic.  It should include a paragraph. In some instance, you may also include couple of pictures.

You will receive a completion grade for these journal entries. At the end of the nine weeks your teacher expects to see minimum of 5 completed journal entries. 50 points will be assigned for completing the entries. Another 50 point will be assigned based on the content and organization.

See journal prompts     See grading rubric


During this school year you are responsible for creating six pages in your google site for six projects.This pages should go below your journal entries.  During the first nine weeks you will choose one topic in which you did an activity to write a report in your google page. During the second and third nine weeks you will choose two topics to generate a report and in the fourth nine weeks you will choose one topic to create a report in your google page. This report must include an introduction, objective, results and conclusion. For at least two of your projects create a video (PBL) to insert in your report. Video Rubric

Below is a chart showing the choices for each nine weeks. Each project has its own rubric, you may see the rubric by clicking on the link or asking your teacher. To see a sample website click HERE

Recommended Text Book

Anthony J. Bertino 
University of Albany, Graduate School of Education

ISBN-10: 0538731559 | ISBN-13: 9780538731553

Anthony J. Bertino University of Albany, Graduate School of Education 

ISBN-10: 1305077113 | ISBN-13: 9781305077119