About STEM SOS Model

TASK 3: Creating "What is STEM SOS?" page

This will be graded by STEM Teacher

Here starts the fun part! We are ready to start constructing pages for our Google Site. Your Google site construction will finish at the end of the 2nd quarter. Once the design of the websites is over, we will organize a website contest across all campuses with 5 different categories and great awards. If your website has a beautiful design and substantial scientific content, your teacher will register your website for the contest. Details are coming soon! Visit http://www.stemcontest.com for more information.


Creating page

  • Login to https://sites.google.com/ with your gmail account.
  • Click on your Google site that you have previously created
  • Click on NEW PAGE button on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Name your page as "What is STEM SOS?"
  • Select the default template (Webpage)
  • Select location of your page. Choose "page at the top level"
  • Click on CREATE button at the top
  • Start editing your page. Once you are done with editing click on SAVE button on the upper right corner of the screen
  • Attention! You will keep your home page blank until you are given further instructions; there is nothing to do with home page now!


Inserting Hyperlinks

You will start out by answering following questions in at least one paragraph:

  • What is STEM Education?
  • Why is STEM education important?
  • How can STEM education shape the future?

Please insert at least one diagram or picture about STEM education after answering above questions. Make sure that the size of the picture/diagram you have uploaded is adjusted properly. You might need to scale them down.  

After uploading the picture/diagram, you will then go onto inserting web page addresses (URLs) about STEM education.

  • First, click on the LINK button on the top menu
  • Then on the left side of the window that appears, click “web address
  • Type in the text you want to appear in the first box, and the URL of the desired website in the second box.
  • At the bottom of the window you will see an option at the button that says "open this link in a new window.” Please make sure this option is checked.

You should have at least three different web page addresses (URLs) on your page.

Suggested links:





US Department of Education  Correct    

 http://www.ed.gov/stem         Incorrect  X


Adding YouTube Video

Now that you are done writing about STEM education and have posted links to several of web pages, you will insert one or two YouTube videos about STEM education to your page.

  • Go to the INSERT button on the top left menu.
  • On the window the window that appears, click the YouTube logo and insert the desired video.

Here are some suggested YouTube videos about STEM Education. You can always find more videos to add your web page on YouTube.







Info About STEMSOS Model

On this step you will copy the info below about STEMSOS Model under the links that you have inserted.


Project Based Learning (PBL) is a constructivist instructional approach where students are engaged in meaningful inquiry of personal interest to them and where collaboration and personalized learning are emphasized. Research confirms that PBL is an effective and enjoyable way to learn and develop deeper learning competencies required for success in college, career and civic life. -Buck Institute of Education

STEMSOS is a rigorous, interdisciplinary, standards-focused, and engaging STEM teaching approach that is teacher-facilitated, student-centered and directed through sets of project- and inquiry-based (P&IBL) projects. STEMSOS PBL approach is to maintain the focus on standards-based teaching while enriching and extending the learning of students through PBL projects. The goal is to promote not only collaborative skills and student ownership of learning but also to promote student success in state and national standards.

STEMSOS PBL Showcase is designed to promote and share exemplary student work in PBL projects that can serve as valuable learning and teaching tools for students, parents, teachers, and other educators.


Hyperlinking to STEMSOS Logo

You have already learned how to upload a picture at STEP 2. Now you will do the same with a picture of STEMSOS logo. However this time you will insert a link to the stemsos website http://www.stemsos.org.

At the bottom of the page, you can download STEMSOS Logo. You can choose any one of three STEMSOS logo pictures.

Again, do not forget about checking "open this link in a new window" option as you hyperlinking http://www.stemsos.org to your STEMSOS Logo picture.


Hyperlinking STEMSOS Social Media Accounts

This step will apply exact same principle that you have learned at STEP 5. Only this time you will connect pictures and logos to STEMSOS social media accounts. You will INSERT Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus+ banners, logos or small photos that read "Watch us on YouTube" or “like us on Facebook"  You can find these logo pictures with a quick image search at Google. After inserting the logo pictures you will hyperlink them to STEMSOS Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus+ pages, so that when clicked, it will direct the user to STEMSOS social media page. You may change the layout of your page from the LAYOUT menu at the top. Use layouts to organize your page.

Please use the web addresses below as STEMSOS Social Media Accounts.



NOTE TO STUDENTS: If you have some technical problems with any of the steps above, seek help from your classmates.

NOTE TO TEACHERS: You may subscribe to the student page or site from the MORE menu located on the top-right corner. This would allow you to receive emails regarding the updates done by your students to their sites.

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Levent Sakar,
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