TASK 12 - PBL Video Presentation (Digital Story)

STEP 1 Write a Script (Story Board)

Middle school students are asked to submit a completed digital story to contests like DISTCO. You will need to add images, text, sound and narration to your digital story. However, video clips are optional.
  1. Write a Script
    • Make sure you use the content from your Google presentation, such as your driving question, your procedure, materials, etc.
    • Include scientific facts to explain your work. What did you learn? What is the science behind it? What knowledge supports your conclusion(s)?
  2. Decide on the number of frames you will have and create your storyboards.
    • Frames may include just images, just words, or both.
    • If building something, consider showing an image of your finished product first, then showing the steps and explaining how you built it.
  3.  Add images and/or photo collages. 
    • Try to use a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio for your screen size so that there will be no black borders around your video.
    • All pictures should be original and taken by you during the investigation of your project. If you need to use copyrighted images from the internet, please follow the proper citing guidelines as explained in the "Copyright Issues" section of DISTCO PBL Rules at www.distco.org/rules 
  4. Submit your work to your teacher for feedback. Make corrections as needed.
STEP 2Create a Video (Digital Story)
  1. Record and edit digital audio to flow with your storyboards (see             right side column of this page for digital story software options)
    • Make sure you are recording in a quiet area without much noise interference.
    • You don't have to use background music, but if you would like to use some, please use instrumental music that will not be louder than your speech.
    • The music should not overpower your narration.
  2. Try to keep the video presentation short (between 2-4 minutes), you can speed up or slow down parts of your video capture depending on your need.
  3. Delete the unnecessary parts of the video clips when you are editing
Software Option 1:
  • Your Google presentation can be directly turned into a digital story (seevideo tutorial and written tutorial on the side column labeled "How to create a digital story in PPT"). Note: You will need to download and save your Google presentation into Microsoft PPT (you will need a laptop with Windows program), in order to create your storyboard.
 Software Option 2:
  • Use one of the following software options to create your presentation or digital story:https://studio.youtube.com, PhotoStory 3, WeVideo (Part 1Part 2), Windows Live MovieMaker, or iMovie. 
  • Free Video Download for background music
  • See STUDENT TRAINING MATERIALS in the side column of this page for text and video tutorials.
Submit your completed digital story to your teacher via Google drive.

Please keep in mind that you need to show/present the project, but not yourself in the video presentation or your e-portfolio. If you want to speak in front of a camera or use a photo of yourself, please make sure your parents signed and returned the media release forms shared by your mentor teacher. 

Never give any private information in your e-portfolio or digital presentation (your name, your family, address, etc..)