TASK 2: Prepare your Google Presentation Template

Step 1: Open your Google Presentation template
  • Sign-in with your school email account. If you do not know your school email account, please check the database or ask your teacher for it. 
  • Click on this link to open the template. 

Step 2: Save the template in this format
  • Go to "file" and then select "make a copy" 
  • Save it as “FirstLastName-Grade-Campus-year” e.g. JohnDoe-8-HSA-2014 

Note: If you have super long name include only first six character of your first name and first six character of your last name.

Step 3: Title Slide
  • Project Title: (write your title if you know it, or you can fill it in later) 
  • Add your personal information such as name, campus (initial only), grade, section, school year and teacher’s name. 

Step 4: Share your presentation link
  • Go to top right corner "share" and then select option “anyone with the link can access”. Hint: Next to the "Copy Link" there is a drop down arrow, click on it and then you will notice various sharing options. Select "Anyone with the link can view". 
  • Share your presentation link with your teacher. Go to top right corner, select "Share" and add your teacher's email address. 
  • Share you presentation with stemsos.virtual@gmail.com