TASK  6: Choose the SS(Social Studies) component of your Level II/Level III projects . (will be graded by SS teacher)
    • Get in contact with your SS teacher and inform about your Level II/ Level III project.
    • Ask your teacher to help you find out a related SS project/topic for your Level II/ Level III PBL.
    • Your teacher may ask you to come out with at least one of the following connections/topics for your Level II/ Level III project
    • 1. Historical connections
      2. Its economic influence
      3. Its political influence
      4. How it is observed in the world (geographical location)
      5. How it affected policy and society.
      6. Legal cases.
      7. Etc.
    • You will finalize your project next marking period and you will present/post/attach your product/assignments on your website. 
    • This period you will only choose your Level II/III SS component your project/topic.
    • For confirmation; email your SS topic to your SS teacher with your PBL Gmail address.