TASK 2: Present Background research and maintain your project materials

This will be graded by SCIENCE or MATH teacher


Prepare some background research to present to your teacher. Use your textbook, online sources including videos and the handout for your project if your teacher has given it to you. Background research should include 4 parts:

Big picture: What is your topic, or main idea? Such as pressure, motion, cells, or polymers. Instead of describing your project with long sentences, use a list of keywords that will help you understand your topic better.

Principle or/and concepts: Which principles and fundamental concepts does your project covers? Such as Pascal principle, law of inertia, torque, osmosis, reaction rate. Explain each principle or concept by one or two sentence as briefly as you can.

Keywords and units: Which words and units of measure will you use often when completing your research?

Figures: Any formulas, charts, graphs or chemical reactions that your project covers, if they exist for your project.


Present your background research to your STEM teacher.

Option 1: Schedule a visit with the teacher in order to present your background research.

Your teacher may post a time table for you to schedule an appointment in order for you to present your background research. Since your teacher may have many students’ research to hear, please be responsible for your own scheduling and time management.

Option 2: You may send your background information to your teacher in an email. If your teacher finds your research satisfactory, you will not have to present it in person. However, the teacher may request you come present it in person if they think it is necessary.


Take notes on the feedback your teacher gives you. These notes and your background research will be vital as you complete the assignment in the 2nd nine weeks, so make sure you do not lose them.


Go to your teacher and ask if all the materials needed to start your assignment are available.

Case 1: If all your materials are available:

Put all your materials in a box.

Remember where your teacher let’s you place the box with all your materials.

If your teacher lets you handle the materials, learn how they all work and make sure that nothing is missing.

Case 2: If your materials aren’t available yet:

Make a list of all the materials that you will need for your assignment.

Learn when your materials will be available. If they were ordered but haven't arrived yet, check with your teacher when they will arrive.

Case 3: If you are working on a construction project or home-experiment:

You should have all the materials needed for it by now or a plan to purchase them soon.