TASK  3: (will be graded by SCIENCE or MATH teacher)

STEP 1: Select your PBL project.Now that you decided your individual PBL project to be from math or science. Next you should decide whether your project will be from LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 3.

Level 2 ProjectsHere is the list of projects with their handouts. There are limited number of projects. So first come , first served !

Level 3 Projects: There is no certain list or handouts for level 3. 

  • Your teacher may prepare a set of project ideas for you to choose. (recommended)
  • Or you may come with your PBL project idea and driven question which covers the subjects you will learn from math or science classes. It can be :
    • in a demonstration format
    • in an experiment/home experiment format
    • in a science fair project format
    • in a construction project format
    • in an one of the event of Science Olympiad format (only few of the science Olympiad events are suitable to be a PBL project to be able to design as product with its website and movie.)
    • in an engineering or technology project format
STEP 2: Email the name of project and driven question for approval     
 - Send the name of your project and wait an email response for approval.Your teacher may ask you to visit by him to make the final decision.If it is approved you may schedule a time with the teacher to take the materials/equipment or to present your background research)