Task 18 STEM Festival Participation

You (All high School Students) will be participating in STEM Festival. You will be graded for your attendance and participation in STEM Festival
  • It is not necessary for you to present your project. You will participate with any subject (ELA, SS, PE, Science, Math, Welcoming Visitors, Taking Pictures, ...etc)
  • For more information about STEM Festivals visit : www.stem-fest.us
  • Photo albums from last years: www.stem-festival.com
  • Students who have excused for the STEM Festival Date, should bring a written letter from their parents. 
  • Those students whose excuses are accepted by administration/mentor teacher can be excluded from TASK 18.

Note to the teacher:
  • A new column can be created to the school roster and teachers will assign STEM Festival duties to the students.
  • Students may get extra credit or be graded for their quality of presentation, being on time at the right place during festival, ... ect
  • Student may get volunteer hours, certificates and other incentives