Task 6

TASK 6:  Type your investigation questions

This will be graded by your math and science teacher

Investigation or reflection questions should be typed directly on the "My PBL Project" page which you created in Task 4. Continue to type where you left off on TASK05, and title this new section as “Investigation questions”

Note: Please DO NOT attach or insert question/answer document to "My PBL Project" page.

A) If your project has a PBL Level II handout:

Answer the content-related investigation or the reflection questions at the end of your handout, then type it under the new section called “Investigation questions”.

Note: Physics and biology have investigation and/or synthesis questions in the student handouts, math has reflection questions.

B) If your project does not have a handout:

Create you own 4 questions based on your project and answer those under  the new section called “Investigation questions”.

Note: If your project is Chemistry Level II or Chemistry Level III project, you also have this second option to complete Task 6: Create second Driving Question. Test your second Driving Question and type your results on your "Investigation questions" section.


Biology: https://sites.google.com/site/hsa2014andy19/my-pbl-project

Chemistry : https://sites.google.com/site/hsana2014jessar99/

Math: :https://sites.google.com/site/unitdog2014/surface-area-demonstration