TASK 5: Creating "My PBL Project" page - PART 2

This will be graded by science or math teacher

Please note that these steps should continue after the “Pictures and/or Action Video” step started on TASK04.


6. Scientific Principle / Essential Understanding:

  • Title this new section as “Scientific Principal” or "Essential Understanding"

  • While always keeping your driving question in mind, identify the scientific/math principle or theories behind your project and explain how your project works by describing how it relates to those principles or theories. Refer back to your background research in TASK 2 and implement that information here to explain the science/math behind the project.

If your project contains a science experiment, then add the following “sub topics under Scientific Principal”. (Note: if unsure, ask your teacher to clarify whether your project involves an experiment, model or both.)


Ø  Data Table: Summarize your findings in a table format. Be sure to include correct unit and labels.

Ø  Graph: Create a graph to represent your experimental data. Be sure to label your graph.

Ø  Observation: Describe your observation (e.g., initial vs. final result, change in color, mass and/or temperature, etc.) Perform calculations and write down any formulas here (if any).

Ø  Analysis and Discussion: Discuss any major trend seen on the data. Explain why your result occurred based on the scientific principal. Did the result occur as you predicted? If you noticed any discrepancy in the result, discus why that might have happened. Explain how this project can be improved for next time.

Ø  Conclusion: Include general summary. Provide 2-3 main points learned from this experiment. Tie it back to your driving question and purpose.


7. Real Life Connection / Further Applications

Title this new section as “Real Life Application” and write a paragraph explaining real life connection or practical application of your project.  Think of some practical applications or implications of your PBL Project and use the following guidelines to help you write your paragraph:

  • Where and how it is currently being used?

  • How does it benefit our society?

  • What are some future benefits and application of this project?

Before you finish your paragraph, make some suggestions for further research to improve this project/experiment or the concept.


Ø  All these titles and subtitles should be included on the same “My PBL Project” page.

Ø  Make your page visually pleasing.

Ø  All the contents in this page (text, procedure, pictures, video, tables and graph, etc….) should be your own original work.

Ø  Continue to keep your homepage blank. This page will be updated when you are instructed to do so..

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