Task 4 Step 2 (5b)

How to create and upload an "Action Video" to YouTube Channel or Google Drive

(if your project has an action or sound that should be recorded as an action movie. You will not make your presentation movie now. It is for the 3rd quarter. If pictures are enough to explain your project and there is no action or sound to be recorded you can skip this step for this quarter.).
  • Sign up for YouTube with your harmony gmail for STEM projects.
  • Create/activate/start your YouTube channel.Make your channel public view.
  • You may prefer to name your channel other than your full name. Such as " Tony's PBL channel "
  • Do not upload a photo that identifies you. It is okay to use a picture of your project.
How to change your profile name ?
  1. Log in to YouTube
  2. Right click on your gmail address/channel name on the right up corner
  3. Click on "settings"
  4. Click "Profile setup"
  5. Change your name.
  • For a successful action movie ; it is strongly recommended to edit with a movie maker. One of the best option to make/edit your movie is Windows Live Movie Maker 2011
  • Sample action movie edited by a move maker is here.
  • Upload the movie to your channel. Give a meaningful name and write a meaningful description about the movie in your channel.( Not like " Video0008" but like "Harmony Hovercraft in action"
  • Subscribe school channel : http://www.youtube.com/hsahoustonhigh and your school channel
  • Subscribe to harmony schools channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/harmonyschools
  • Never use your channel for anything other than PBL/STEM projects.
Note: If YouTube is blocked and/or you do not want to use YouTube, instead you can use Google Drive. Simply;
  • upload the action movie to your Google drive,
  • change the sharing setting as "public view"
  • insert the movie to your page.