TASK 4 : Creating "My PBL Project" page - PART 1

This will be graded by Science and Math Teachers

You will create a “My PBL Project” page using instructions from Task 4, Task 5 and Task 6.  Your final completed "My PBL Page" will include several components or subtitles.

ATTENTION! When creating this page, do not plagiarize! Use your own photos, movies, graph, etc. Be sure to take pictures and video during your project/experiment.


Creating a new page about your PBL project

  • Click on new page button at the top right corner of your home page.

  • Name your page as "My PBL Project" or as the name of your demonstration (e.g.  "Hovercraft")

  • Select Web Page (default option) template to use

  • Select a location: Put page at the top level

  • Click on CREATE button at the top

  • You may start working on your page now

  • Make sure to click on SAVE button on the top-right corner after making any changes to your page.

Attention: Your homepage should remain blank until instructions are given.


Preparing content of your PBL project page

This "My PBL Page" should have the following content with these subtitles:

  1. INTRODUCTION: Write a brief overview of your project. What is the main purpose of your project? What is your driving question? If it’s an experiment based project, add a hypothesis also.

  2. MATERIALS: List all of the materials, equipment, chemicals and probe-wares. Use bullet points for each item. Be sure to include accurate quantities, size or measurement used for each item. For certain items, you need to add units (e.g., 5 ml, 10g, and 10 minutes).

  3. PROCEDURE: Provide step-by-step procedures for your project, model or experiment. It is highly recommended to list all the steps as a number list (1, 2, 3, etc.). Be sure to include measurements and quantities when appropriate.

  4. SAFETY: Be sure to include all safety precautions that you will use to protect yourself (e.g., wear goggles, gloves, lab coats, and/or adult supervision, etc.).  If working with chemicals (household or laboratory grade) be sure to list safety guidelines from the Safety Data Sheet information. When appropriate include proper disposal methods for chemicals and biohazardous materials.


    1. A minimum of at least five pictures should be included for this part. These should be original pictures from your project that might show materials, setup, process, comparison of initial and final process/results and/or observations. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to add images to your google site. Each picture should have text or caption that provide description of the picture. Be sure not to add photos that have a large image size and keep the photo’s original aspect ratio.

    2. Some projects can be easier to visualize if an “Action Video” (see a sample video) is included. Discuss with your teacher and see if an “action video” is necessary for your project. Click here for how to create and upload an "Action Video" to YouTube Channel or Google Drive

Written Tutorial

Video Tutorial
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