TASK 1: Choose your Project, Create your Gmail Account, and Google Site (e-portfolio)


Choose your year long project from any STEM courses.

You should choose a PBL project (Level II or Level III) from any STEM course. It is strongly recommended to discuss this matter with your teacher to decide the most suitable project topic for you.

Option 1: CTE Courses (Ex: Engineering, Biomedical, Forensic Science, ...)

Option 2: Computer Sciences

Option 3: Elective STEM course (Ex: Environmental Sci)

Option 4: Mathematics

Option 5: Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Option 6: AP or Dual Credit STEM Courses (Ex: AP Statistics, AP Biology, ...)

Will you do a group project ?

If your mentor teacher allows you to work as a group, make a team of 2 or 3 students (no more than 3 students in one team). Be aware that each member of the team will have the same website and project so everyone in the team will have the same grades from the same tasks. Also when you participate in a contest there will be only one award for the whole team.


Choose your year long PBL Level II project topic

  • Ask your mentor teacher to share the list of Level II projects.

  • Choose your project from the list. So first come, first served!

  • Ask your mentor teacher for approval so that the teacher will assign that project to you (or your team).

  • Your teacher may ask you to visit him/her to make the final decision.If it is approved you may schedule a time with the teacher to take the materials/equipment.


Sign up for a Gmail account

If you have created a PBL gmail account from a previous year’s assignment, you do not have to create a new one. However, please make sure you haven't used this account for purposes other than PBL assignments.

Student’s Gmail account must follow a certain format:

firstname initial + lastname.SchoolDomainnameYear@gmail.com


Name: Sydney Kelly

School website: abcde.org

Your email address would come out as skelly.abcde2016@gmail.com OR


Click here to create a Gmail account

  • Students' Gmail accounts and related services that are associated with this account are to be used ONLY for school related assignments.

  • Students are responsible for providing his/her Gmail account information to the parents.

  • You will use the same Gmail account for years for STEM, ELA and Social Science PBL assignments. After you graduate, the content you produced under this Gmail account (websites, videos, etc ...) can serve as an online portfolio that you can reach at anytime. We may also ask you to present your e-portfolios (Google sites)  as a capstone project when you become a senior. So always keep your Google sites from previous years.


Create a blank Google site

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Do not use the previous sites you have created. You need to start with a new site each year !

  • Log in to https://sites.google.com/ with your PBL gmail account (Make sure you do not use your school email account).

  • Click "Create a site"

  • Choose BLANK Template

  • Name your site in the following format:

When you create your website, you need to follow this format:

STEMSOS2016 and your shortened project name and two digit number of your choice.

For example: If a student does a hovercraft project, student will create a Google site in this format "stemsos2016hovercraft12" ,so the URL address will be http://sites.google.com/site/stemsos2016hovercraft12


Share your site with your teachers,

Sharing does not mean sending the link by email. This is how you do it;

  • Use the "Share" button located on the upper right corner.

  • stemsos.virtual@gmail.com (choose the option "is owner")

  • Your STEM teacher's email. (choose the option "is owner")

  • Your Social Studies teacher's email

  • Your ELA teacher's email

  • Share with your team members if this is a group project.

  • To make the teacher(s) the owner, click the drop box (where it says "can edit") next to the “invite people” box. Make sure to select “is owner” from that menu.

  • Finally, click “Send” (bottom left corner)

Great Hint for Students: So you don’t have to switch between accounts, make sure to share your website with your school email.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Do not share the link with Google Plus or any other social networks.


Email the name of project and website URL link.

  • Send the URL link of your website to your mentor teacher (to whom is grading your PBL tasks).

  • Add the name of your project that has been approved by your mentor teacher.

  • Also add the names of the team members, if this is a group project.

  • Your mentor teacher will add your site link to school roster later.


    STEP 3: Sign up for a Gmail account
Written Tutorial

Video Tutorial
 | Alternative Link

Create a Gmail account & share it with your teacher

    STEP 4 & 5: Creating and sharing a blank Google site.

Written Tutorial

Video Tutorial
 | Alternative Link

Create your BLANK Google site & share it with your teachers.

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