What is Capstone?

What is the “Capstone”?

Capstone, a culminating senior project assessment for high school seniors, allows students to demonstrate their ability to design and participate in a multi‐phased, research‐based learning process, while preparing for their future in higher education, technical institutions, or the workforce. This multifaceted task reinforces and refines complex skills such as:

  • Long and short term goal completion

  • Professional communication

  • Critical and creative thinking

  • Time, task, and cost analysis

  • Professional attitudes and basic knowledge application

  • Insightful self‐evaluation

  • Time management

  • Organization and planning

  • Presentation strategies

All seniors at Harmony Science Academy - Brownsville are required to complete the Capstone Project. Grades earned for each element of the project will be graded by the ELA and CTE instructors. Please see the “Capstone Timeline” at the end of this handbook for information regarding how each element of the project will be weighted.

One Capstone Project from each tower(if applicable) will be selected as the “Most Outstanding.” The student who receives this honor will receive a Capstone Scholarship. Students must submit an application in order to be eligible for award consideration. Please see the “Capstone Timeline” at the end of this handbook for more information regarding the scholarship application deadline.