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TASK 9 - Conclusion, Application and Extension

Step 1 - Conclusions

Find the slide titled "Conclusion" in your Google presentation.

  • Explain whether or not your data support your hypothesis
  • Answer your investigation question(s)
  • Interpret your results by explaining general trend from your observation, data and results.
  • Discuss why this result occurred.  Be sure to use evidence from your results.
  • Discus any source of experimental errors and/or unexpected results
  • Tie your discussion to the overall research purpose.

Step 2 - Application and Extensions:

Find the slide titled "Applications and Extensions" in your Google Presentation. 

  • State the real-life or daily application of your project/experiment. 
  • Explain how the knowledge gained from this project/experiment can benefit you/others/society in general.
  • If you repeat this experiment again, explain what would you change about this project/experiment to gain further scientific knowledge. Ex. would you use different inquiry question, test different variable, change or combine design plans or experimental procedures, etc.