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TASK 8 – Organize your results

State your observation, data and results. Explain what happened, and why the results occurred, using scientific facts and knowledge.

Step 1. Data Table

  • You can create data table directly inside the Google Presentation or copy and paste it from another source. 
  • Place your data table into slide titled "Data Table". Use more slides if needed.
  • Give EACH data table a descriptive title – one that indicates what data is in the table
  • Clearly label all rows and columns
  • Include units either in the row or column label, or in each individual cell
  • DO NOT put more than one type of data in a single cell – one measurement per box!
  • Include ALL of your ACTUAL data from your experiment – you may not use predicted data.
  • If you made other important observations that are not easy to put into a data table, write them out in complete sentences and include them here.
  • DO NOT explain the importance of your observations/data in this section.

Step 2. Graphs

  • Insert your graph from google sheet or other sources into the slide titled "Graph".
  • Following link can be used to create a graph: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/default.aspx. Save the graph as JPEG file and add to this slide afterwards.
  • Be sure to include following:
    • Choose the correct type of graph for your data. If you are not sure, discuss it with your teacher
    • Give EACH graph a descriptive title – one that indicates what data is on the graph
    • Label the y‐axis and include the units
    • Label the x‐axis and, when necessary, include units. Bar graphs need an x‐axis label that is separate from the individual category labels!
    • The data in your graphs must match the data in your tables
    • If you choose to graph the average of your trials, also include the average on your data tables
  • DO NOT try to include more than one type of data on a single bar graph.