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TASK 13 - Science Competition (Presentation Board and Research Paper)

Step 1. Prepare your Presentation Board

Use your finished Google Presentation slides to build your tri-fold board. Your display can reflect your personality and help you stand out from the crowd! Be creative and colorful while displaying your project. There are many searchable poster board examples online and in reference books, but they all follow general guidelines of being read like a newspaper – left to right and up down.

Make sure that you have included all parts of your project, and that your name, your teacher's name or any pictures with your face are NOT on your board. Also remember:

  • Your results should refer to your data and analysis.
  • There should be graphs and data tables on your board.
  • Your board should be neat and easy to read.
  • No live animals or anything infectious, like possibly bacteria cultures, please.
  • When in doubt ASK YOUR TEACHER!

Step 2. Prepare your Research Paper

Use your Google Presentation and this link as a guide to prepare your Research Paper.

Step 3. Science Competition

Middle school students with PBL Level III projects should prepare to participate in School-wide, Cluster-wide, Regional or even International Science Fair competitions.  Check with your teacher for participation requirements and submission deadlines for competitions outside of the school.