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TASK 5 Materials List

On your Google Presentation find the slide titled "Materials".

Step 1: Create material List

  • List all of the materials used for this project
  • Use bullet points for each item
  • Use two column layout for this slide. You can change the layout by selecting "slide" from top menu bar > select "apply layout" > select "title and two column".
  • Be sure to include accurate measurements, sizes, and quantities of the materials used
  • Be sure to include units when appropriate ( e.g., 5 ml, 10 g, 10 minutes)
  • Be sure to use correct scientific term and size for any science equipment or tools you use
    • e.g., Correct: One 500 ml Beaker, Incorrect = One large cup
    • e.g., Correct: 50 ml of deionized water, Incorrect = water
    • e.g., Correct: Electronic balance with .1 gram accuracy, Incorrect = measuring scale


Step 2: Pictures of your Materials (optional)

  • You may choose to include pictures of materials in "Material Pictures" slide of your Google Presentation. 

Tips for saving and inserting pictures to Google Presentation:

  • It is highly recommended that you save all of your pictures related to the project on the google drive under school email.  Also, save these pictures on a USB drive as a backup.
  • To insert pictures, go to “insert” from the top menu bar.
  • Select insert “image”.
  • Depending on where you have saved the image earlier, you can select appropriate option (“upload”, “google drive” and/or “your album”)
  • After adding the image(s) you can resize it, by highlighting and dragging the corner of the image. You can also change the position of the picture by dragging and dropping it to another location on the slide.
  • Label and/or describe the picture by using textbox from the toolbar.