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TASK 4 – Problem/Purpose, Hypothesis and Variables

Step 1. On your Google Presentation find the slide titled "Problem/Purpose".

  • Describe the main purpose(s) and/or problem(s) of the project.
  • Write a clear statement, stating the question that project is focused on. 
  • Depending on your project, you may have more than one problem or purpose.  Be sure to state each problem or purpose under separate bullet points. 
Step 2. Hypothesis

On your Google Presentation find the slide titled "Hypothesis".

  • One sentence about your guess on what will happen after the experiment; what will be the result.
  • Write your hypothesis as an "if…then" statement.
  • e.g. "If Fertilizer A is used then plants grow taller compared to other fertilizers"
Step 3. Variables

On your Google Presentation find the slide titled "Variables".

Include each of the followings in your slide:

  • Independent Variable (something that you will change or manipulate).
    • List the general variables you are changing, not the specific substances/conditions you will test (Ex: "types of liquid", not "sprite, orange juice, and water").
  • Dependent Variable (something(s) that will change in response to independent variable). 
    • Things you are observing or measuring in your experiment in order to collect data and to answer research question.
  • Control Group (a trial that will not receive any experimental treatments, and will be used as a baseline to compare results).
  • Constants (factors that will stay the same throughout your experiment). 
    • Give at least 2 constants; most experiments will have more. DO NOT include methods of measuring/calculating as constants.